Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

We harvested our first squash today:

What the garden looks like this morning.  It's been very wet and in the 70s/low 80s lately and the plants really like this weather:

The pears have a few more weeks and then they'll be ready to pick:

More corn is starting to pop up:

The pattypan squash is still doing well:

More squash; should be good to go in about another week:

Several tomatoes have popped up in the past day:

Carrots and potatoes are still doing well:

Lettuce and kale seem to like this weather as well:

Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 21 Garden

I took a few pictures this morning before the rain started of how the garden looks today.  In these bags we have different varieties of lettuce and kale. 

We have different peppers in these bags along with carrots, fingerling potatoes (we thought we'd try these and see if they grew; we put about 4 potatoes in the bag, which is the one on the right end in the back row, so it appears that they are going to grow okay) and different types of peppers (well, these are the only ones that grew when we started the seeds in the greenhouse) and a few bags of tomatoes (that we didn't hold out much hope for, which is why there are so many in the bag-we never expected them to make it).

Our first tomato:

Close up picture of the pear tree (no idea what we're going to do with all of these):

One of the yellow squash (it's about 2 inches long now):

Silver Queen corn (we didn't expect this to take off so well either and because of that, we stuck some seeds in the container along with the few plants that made it in the greenhouse and they just took off, so it's a bit crowded):

Saturday, May 13, 2017

San Antonio Again

I had to go to San Antonio for a conference two weeks ago and J (and Buddy) tagged along.

Because we had done the River Walk thing last year, we chose to go to Sea World this time:

Sea World was also having a food & wine festivals (Passport to the Seven Seas).  It cost $39.99 for the 10 sampler package.  I asked if it could be split and was told yes, so J and I bought one.  First up was crepes from France (the cashier made a mistake here and only counted 1 crepe, not 2).  J had a Ham, Spinach & Cheese crepe and I had the Hazelnut S'Mores one (which was not the same as one in France where they only use Nutella)

Next we went to Spain and had the Charcuterie con Queso y Aceitunas (basically meet and cheese with olives)

Japan & Korea were next.  J had Sesame Encrusted Tuna (he said it was nothing like "real" tuna from Japan) and I had Korean Beef Short Ribs:

Then came Mexico were we tried Mole Chicken Fries and Street Tacos:

Next up was an empanada from Argentina (this was spicy beef):

Jamaican Street Patties (curried chicken in a crust)

Gyros from Greece (this was probably the best one of all the small appetizer size plates we tried)

And finally Italy: a chocolate cannoli (if you visited all "countries" you got a free desert at the location of your choice) and a meatball

We also went to Lulu's Bakery, which was on Man vs Food.  I tried the Chicken Fried steak that was shown in the show (I wouldn't recommend it) and J had a burger.  We got the 3 lb cinnamon role to take back to the room.  I had one small bite of it and J ate it for the rest of the week for breakfast.  He liked it.

We also went to Tycoon Flats (which was on another food channel show).  This was a burger joint so that's what we had.  I had a mushroom/swiss one and J had one that was stuffed with cheese, onions and something else.  We split an order of jalapeno cheese fries but we had expected fresh jalapenos so they were disappointing:

We didn't have a lot of free time this year because it started on Monday so we left the Saturday before.  We left a little later so when we arrived in San Antonio we just had dinner and then hung out in the room.  Sunday we spent at Sea World and the rest of the week J roamed around while I was in meetings and picked me up and we went to dinner.  I didn't get pictures of the other places.  That was basically our trip this time. 

More gardening

We finally got all the plants outside and they seem to be growing well.  We have small yellow and pattypan squash and the first tomato blossoms popped up.

Here's how things looked in late April:

Buddy making sure things are okay:

And here's how things look today:

The tree in the background is a pear tree and it's loaded.  I have no idea what we'll do with them because we still have tons left from last year (we canned them in slices and as salsa).  The top of the setup you see has an irrigation system; J has it set on a timer to automatically water daily.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

This week's update

The indoor greenhouse set-up  (this is actually the office, but it's in the back of the house.  It looks like a disaster area, but we are keeping the door closed).

This was last Sunday:

Tuesday's growth (those are cucumbers):

This is the beginning of (silver queen) corn:

How it looked on Wednesday:

Thursday (the corn is really growing now-it's on the second shelf):

Friday (J started more tomato plants)

The experiment using the hatch chili seeds under the Aerogarden light was pretty much a bust.  About 5 or six did sprout so they are planted and in the green house, but we're not sure they will come up.  I ordered some "fresh" seeds and those will get started next week. 

We didn't expect the cucumber and corn to come up so fast, so we're not sure when we'll plant them outside.  If they go out sooner rather than later, the containers are already set up and we'll just need to get something to keep the plants warm in case the temperatures get low (so far the lowest they've been recently is high 40's/lower 50's).