Sunday, July 23, 2017

Getting Ready To Hit The Road

We're about to head home but first we went to Billy's Boudin and Cracklins to get breakfast.   Each time we've driven by this place it has been packed.   So we figured 7am on a Sunday morning should be pretty empty and it was.   

We tried the pepper jack boudin balls, the pepper jack egg rolls, cracklins and the boudin pistolle.    

Pepper jack boudin balls

Boudin pistolle 

No pictures of the cracklins.  They were okay but we each only ate about one piece, then gave a few to Buddy and got rid of the rest.   

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 2 Part 3

We also went to the Harley store to get a shirt and we stopped at a few Cajun grocery stores to buy some local coffee.  

Before those places we went to the Wortman Pottery studio.   I bought a bowl.   This place is down a gravel road out in the middle of nowhere.  

The store

When you bake in the bowl the tops of your baked goods will come out with a Fleur De Les.

We will be going home bright and early in the morning but we will be going out again next weekend with everyone (kid and grandkids wise).   

Day 2 Part 2

Our next stop was Acadia Village.   You'll notice that most of the house have two front doors but nobody could explain why.   

Next up was the Alexandre Mouton House.   This was another museum where we were the only people.  The lady running it was happy to discuss the history just like the lady from yesterday.   J asked her if she knew why the Acadian houses had two doors but she wasn't sure.   She thought it might be because the people used one for everyday use and the other for special occasions.   

Lafayette Day 2

We had no real plans for today so we decided to just roam the streets.   Our first stop was to a flea market.  We bought nothing. It was mostly junk.  We also got there right when they opened and a lot of sellers were just setting up.   

Next visitors center to pick up some brochures.   Then we stopped for breakfast.   

Beignet strips.  

I had sausage and gravy. It was fine.  I don't usually have good luck when ordering this.

J had an omelette with LA sausage.   

Our next stop was a little Farmer's Market.  We didn't buy anything but it was nice.   They had music.

Our next stop was an fruit/vegetable market but they also sold local jams/jellies/sauces and other similar things.   We did get some stuff here to use for Christmas presents.    

Friday, July 21, 2017

Part 2.

While we're on the road I've been using the app to post but I find I need to break things up because of the pictures.   So here's the rest of our day. 

After the Tobasco tour we headed to a rice mill with the intent to tour it.   But we didn't arrive in there me so we missed it and we were not going to wait an hour for the next tour to start.  So we visited their store and picked up some rice and a jalapeƱo spice.   

Our last stop was the Shadows on the Teche which is a National Trust Historic Site.  J and I were the only ones on the tour and our guide had to be at least 85 but she was very excited about the subject and answered all of Js questions.   We don't ever ask questions but since it was just us he asked and she was thrilled to answer.   No pictures allowed in the house but here are some of the grounds.   

I bought a small portable grill to use when we go out but J forgot to bring the piece needed to hook to the propane.   I did not forget to bring stuff to cook on it for dinner.   So we decided to go to Fezzos which is right outside the campground.  It's a seafood place so I had shrimp and J had fish bites and a burger.   It was good and we also bought some of their seasoning to take home.   

Tomorrow we head to Lafayette, so pictures are forthcoming.   

Back on the Road

We finally got the trailer back from the RV Store.  We dropped it off after our last trip so they could fix the fridge.   I decided to take the day off today so that we could take it out and make sure everything is working.  

We drove 3 hours south to the KOA in Scott, LA.   We got here early got the camper set up and then off we went.   Our first stop was Avery Island where they make Tobasco sauce.   

We also ate lunch at their restaurant.   We expected the food to be cooked with Tobasco but it wasn't but bottles were on the table.   We tried them all and I'm not much of a fan.  I think it's too vinegary.  But they did give us 12 mini bottles and 2 bottles of pickled beans with our admission price.   We took the tour but it's a self guided one.   It is very clean here and it's a nice little day trip.   

J had nachos

I had the chili Fritos.