Monday, February 19, 2018

Some Recent Things

We had some snow in January, obviously not a lot, but enough to get a day off work:

We went to Dallas for the weekend to try out the new camper:

I told J I think this camper is almost too big.  He didn't agree with me.  He thinks it's nice having enough room not to have to step over Buddy:

We got to Dallas on Friday night.  We had trouble with J's truck.  While the rating on the truck says it can pull the camper as well as an additional 1000 lbs, that was not the case.  About 10 miles away from the campground, his transmission light came on and it kept slipping.  We did make it and after letting the truck cool down for a bit, it was fine.  On the way home, we ended up going between 50-55 mph's because the winds were heavy and the truck was straining.  J's new job is to find a truck that won't have any issues with pulling the camper.  We won't be going out again until he finds something.  He seems to think as long as there isn't any wind and the roads are flat, his truck will do just fine; I don't agree.

Anyhow, Friday night we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse.  I had spaghetti and he had lasagna (and chicken flatbread and mozzarella fritta):

Saturday, we took a Culinary tour.  It went to 5 different restaurants and we had small plates at each:

First was The Rustic, where we had guacamole toast, pimento cheese grits with sausage gravy, spinach quiche, and bitter greens.  We then had a slice of peanut butter pie:

Next stop was a Mediterranean Restaurant.  It was communal dining with only one plate, so the pictures aren't the best.  We had hummus, baba ganoush, a tomato dip (very sweet and not really tomato-ey at all, kafta, and chicken shawarma (this was the best place we went to that day; we both don't care for hummus or eggplant but the baba ganoush was really good):

Next we went to some organic (and mostly vegan) juice bar (by far our least favorite place of the day).  The first drink was a banana (it's blue but had no blueberries in it) and powder concoction and the second had 3 shots of espresso.  J drank both of ours here.  The owner did come out and talk to us and he was very nice, but I guess we're just not organic, vegan people:

We then hopped on the Street Car for a little ride around the area:

After the street care ride, we walked for about 15 minute to our next destination (this place was good, but we have had better street tacos in San Antonio):


Our next stop was a burger joint.  They had sweet potato fries with honey and cinnamon drizzled on them (I don't generally like sweet potato anything, but did like these; the burger was okay, but it had mustard on it, so J ended up eating mine as well as his):

And our last stop was a bakery that made macaroons; we're just not macaroon people I guess.  We each took a bit and that was that (they look pretty though):

Sunday, we went to the Dallas Farmer's Market.  We had breakfast (tacos were only $1.95 a piece):

We were originally going to stay until Monday, but because of the truck issues and the fact that the winds were supposed to be really high, J decided we should leave early.  As such, we went to Fort Worth to pick up Gus' Fried Chicken to bring home.  We also had lunch there (I forgot to take a picture until after taking a bite):

Since we left early, we stopped at a big truck stop in Texas called Buc-ee's:

It took us almost 5 hours to get home (it's usually a 3 hour drive).  I don't think we'll be going back to Dallas anytime soon.  The traffic is crazy and their expressways just make no sense.  I'm not sure where our next trip will be, but I still have some pictures to post from our jaunt to Natchitoches, so I'll get to them soon.  

Some Recent Things

We had some snow in January, obviously not a lot, but enough to get a day off work: We went to Dallas for the weekend to try out ...