Monday, January 18, 2010

Cooking with Rick

Today, we cooked from Rick Bayless' "Authentic Mexican".
First up was his Deep-Fried Masa Turnovers with Cheese
After mixing the ingredients it was time to make the quesadillas (as Rick calls them). It gave me a chance to use the tortilla press (I should be a pro by the time we move to New Mexico).

Here they are filled with cheese. Rick says to use Monterey Jack or a mild cheddar, plus epazote (which is non-existent in Okinawa, so none was used) or Queso Fresco (again, non existent here) so I filled it with a mix of cheddar and Monterey Jack. Here they are finished, waiting to be cooked.

And here they are cooked. These were good, but bland. If I make them again, I will use some sort of meat and cheese filling.

And we also made his Toasted Tortilla Soup with Fresh Cheese and Chile Pasilla
The Chile Pasilla was substituted with a chipotle in adobo (what we had on hand) and I used the same cheese combo as with the turnovers. This rated a smiley face :)

And here's poor Buddy, waiting patiently for something to drop.

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