Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today's Deals

Estate sales were in short supply here this weekend.  There were a total of 3, but one was only outside stuff, think lawn art, so we decided to skip it.  The first sale was about an hour away, but it had been really picked over, except for books.  There were boxes and boxes of romance novels.  I guess those are not big sellers here in LA.
The second sale was in a shady part of Shreveport, but as long as it's daytime, you're okay.  I really liked the inside of the house and it seemed to be out of place in the neighborhood.  There was a ton of people, but I ended up getting a few things.  There wasn't a price on these bowls, so I asked the lady running the sale and she told me a dollar a bowl (which I thought was a steal), but then she changed her mind and said, how about a dollar for both?  I took that deal.  Too bad there wasn't anymore Pyrex to be had in house.
I also picked up this covered cheese plate for $5.  

I've rearranged the closets in the guest bedroom and the office so I could use the one in the guest room for storage.  J is supposed to finish my hutch which will help with the storage situation, but he needs to put some sort of clear coat on the top of it and the weather over the past few weeks has not been conducive to the task.  Maybe he'll be able to get to it tomorrow, but so far it looks like rain, so it may have to wait again.

No auctions this week.  We were going to try to go to one in Texas last Friday, but J wanted a water softener and they came to install it.  What we thought would take at most 2 hours ended up taking about 6.5.  The only auction in the area tonight was for automobile items and thus, nothing we need or want.

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