Friday, March 19, 2010

More Pottery...

Today, K2 and I went to the Hotel Moon Beach where they were having an annual pottery sale. I have found that if you double click on the pictures, they will get bigger.

These are a few pictures of the view from the back of the hotel:

The following are what we bought:

These ones are to send to Grandma. They are all in the brown family, but the picture does not show that:

These ones are K2's. They are all green (you can't tell that from the picture either):

I guess I am just getting very picky these days (or I have reached the point where all the shapes that I see, I now own). We walked around the sale twice before I settled on these plates.

And finally, I had purchased some bowls and cups from this potter before. This is what all of the pieces (old and new) look like.

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