Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pineapple Factory

Today we headed to Nago to go to the Pineapple Factory. Once we got there, I told J and K2 to go stand in front of the gimmicky pineapple picture taking area. I went to snap the shot and found that I did not have a memory card in the camera. So needless to say, no pictures of the Pineapple Factory today. We will have to back one more time before we leave. J likes their Pineapple and Passion Fruit Vinegar, but it's seasonal and they didn't have it today.

After leaving the Pineapple Factory, there is a Family Mart (an Okinawan Party Store) right across the street. J and K2 went in and they were able to pick up a memory card.

Our next stop after there was a Ryuku glass factory. I wanted to pick up a few pieces of the glass before we leave here. I gave the camera to K2 and these are the pictures that she took. Just double click on them and they will enlarge.

Pineapple Factory pictures will need to wait until our next (last) jaunt up there.

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