Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update-Dilemma Resolved..

So, we have made our decision and resolved our dilemma. I've accepted the job in Louisiana. It's at Barksdale, AFB near Shreveport. J will head to New Mexico solo. We asked K2 where she wanted to live and her comment was "who gets Buddyy?" Buddy will be moving to LA so that's where K2 will be as well. J's job in NM is one that we expect him to go on "vacation" quite a bit, so he cannot take care of a dog. Not too mention, Buddy would cramp his style in his swinging bachelor pad, i.e., J is going to see if they have SNCO-senior non-commissioned officer dorms on the base. That way we wouldn't have to worry about getting him any furniture or things of that nature.

The good thing is that my move to LA will be paid, so we can have our household goods that we have here shipped under my orders. This will help as we are only allowed a certain amount of pounds and what we have in storage is close to our maximum weight. The only bad thing is that it is taking approximately 70 days to cut orders and we plan to be out of Okinawa by that time. So, our stuff may end up being shipped on J's orders anyhow. We'll find out more on that as we go along.

We've already applied and been approved for a mortgage so we are going to try and plan a trip to LA in June to find a house and get the ball rolling. That way when we go home to MI in July to pick up his truck and motorcycle, we can head to LA and finish up and last minute paperwork and hopefully move in quick. After that, he will make the 10 hour trek to NM.

He will then continue on as planned, test for Chief in Sept; find out in Nov-Dec if he makes it. If he doesn't, retirement is the plan, if he does make it, we expect him to have to attend Chief school. After Chief school (or before) we expect an assignment for him to drop. He is going to try to get Barksdale, of course.

So that's our life at the moment in a nutshell.


  1. Lisa.......that sounds really great.

  2. Wow I finally figured out how to comment...;))


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