Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garage Sale Shopping

These are the bargains we found garage sale shopping this morning:

K2 paid $3 for the ball (on the left, in the clear, square shape) and when we got home, I looked it up on Amazon and it retails for $50, so good deal there.  She also bought a sound machine that projects images on the ceiling (in the middle) and few other things, like bottles and movies.  All totaled, she paid $16.75 for her finds.

The biggest pet peeve we have is people who don't put prices on their items and people who don't clean their stuff up.  We're probably missing out on some good deals, but scrubbing things to make them useful is not anything I want to do.

We hit the road at about 6:45 am and got home around 10:45, which is a lot longer than we are usually out.  We have also found that church rummage sales don't seem to be worth our time. 

That was our morning today.

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