Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Plated - A Review

So, I signed up for a food service called Plated.  They send you everything you need to cook 2 dinners for 2.  The deal I used was for 4 free plates, you just paid $20 shipping. 


This is what you see when opening the box:

Everything out of the box and on the counter:

Dinner #1 was Cesar Steak Lettuce Cups with Lemon Potatoes

And the finished product.  I did not read the instructions fully before getting started.  The lemon potatoes were supposed to be on the side, but I added them to the lettuce cup.  I'm sure it made no difference.    While we liked this and the portions were big, J was rummaging in the fridge and pantry about 2 hours later, so it wouldn't work on a regular basis.

The second dinner was Pork Tonkatsu with Yuzu Cherry Sauce and Mizuna:

And finished.  While it was good, it's definitely not like the Tonkatsu you get in Japan.

While it was nice to try this service, it's not something I will continue using.  A plate is $12 a piece and I just don't think it's work 50 bucks a week for J and I. 
Because it seems that all of these types of services are offering some sort of special to get you to try them out, I signed up for a few others to see how they were.  I should get those boxes this week. 

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