Saturday, August 2, 2014

Another Review and More Canning

Last week we tried Plated and this week we tried Hello Fresh.  
First up was Asian Steak/Bok Choy noodle salad (it was not our favorite):
And finished (it looked good, but did not make the taste cut):
Second thing to try was a black bean with fresh corn and poblano pepper quesadilla.  They were very good and quick; definitely something we will make again.  The corn was white sweet corn cut off the cob:

We also had a fresh pico to go with them.  I used my trusty George Forman Quesadilla Maker for these instead of a pan on the stove.  Also, the ingredients were supposed to be enough to make 2 quesadillas, but there was so much extra filling, I just took 4 more tortillas from the fridge so the filling wouldn't be wasted:

We ended up canning 6 pints of pickles and 9 half pints of green tomato salsa verde.  J was determined to get vine ripen tomatoes from the garden, but when they even start to get a hint of red, something starts to eat them.   So in an effort to at least get some sort of useful tomato, he picked 95% of the green tomatoes and we made the salsa. 

For the pickles, I basically used this recipe: Grandmas Spicy Dill Pickle Recipe  We had no fresh dill on hand and didn't want to run to the grocery store, so we just used dried.

And for the salsa, I used: Salsa Verde Made With Green Tomatoes  I did have to make some adjustments as we only had 4.5 lbs of tomatoes.

Estate sales were a bust again this week.  That's now 3 weekends in a row with nothing.  If things don't start picking up, I'm going to have to find a new Pyrex shopping avenue.

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