Sunday, January 3, 2010

One hit and One miss

Today we ventured to Italy and used Pino Luongo & Mark Strausman's book "two meatballs in the Italian Kitchen"

First up was the whole wheat penne in a spicy, garlicky tomato sauce. For this recipe, I doubled the amount of red pepper flakes and also added a pinch of salt and sugar to the sauce. I also used mezze penne (regular, not whole wheat). This was a hit and will definitely show up again in the future.

You will need:

Finished product:

Then I made the chicken caesar salad. You will need:

Here it is finished. I did not care for this a bit, however, J did like it, so it will probably not be made again:
Tomorrow I head back to work after having been off for the holidays. I'm not looking forward to it. You should see more crockpot recipes and things that are quick begin making appearances.

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