Monday, February 1, 2010

Army Strong

This morning, we dropped J off at the airport for a 2 month "vacation". Later that afternoon, it was off to the recruiter for K1 to swear in, pick up his plane tickets and sign last minute paperwork before he ships out tomorrow for boot camp.

The recruiter is located on Torii Station:

This next picture isn't too good, but it's a shot of the Torii Gate (it's the red wooden plank like structure). J took the better camera with him on his "vacation" so I'm working with a 4 mega pixel camera until he returns.

This is K1 being sworn in and taking his oath (I better get used to the bald head):

We got to the recruiter at 4:00 pm. K1 signed a few papers and then the recruiter had to go and find an officer so that he could swear K1 in. Once that was done, there was more paperwork to do, however, from what I understand, the computer that all of the stuff is attached to is in the states and cannot be accessed until 4:00 am stateside time, which translates to 6:00 pm Okinawa time. K2 and I left to go shop at some of the local stores in the area for our two hour wait.

K1 also took a test and if he passed, he would be enlisted as an E-2 Private. He passed.

And finally, here he is posing outside the recruiting office. I didn't think this was going to come out to well because it was pitch dark by the time we left, but I guess the flash helped.

So tomorrow, he is off to Fort Jackson, South Carolina where he will be for the next 9 weeks.

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