Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dragon

Today, all 4 of us went out to dinner one last time before K1 leaves Okinawa. He joined the Army and leaves on Tuesday. He wanted to go to The Dragon which is a ramen joint.

He shaved his head the other day so he doesn't quite look like himself. The lighting in the restaurant left something to be desired. The place was packed and the ramen was okay, but it was very dirty (at least to our American standards), but it must be a go to joint for teenagers. I think the novelty for them is the fact that it is very cheap. It was about $20 for all four of us. The bowls were huge. I'm going to be checking out the local stores to see if I can find where they sell them.

This is of both kids together:
A bowl of chicken cutlet noodles:

K1 thinking he's cute:

K2 with her omelet filled with fried rice. In Okinawa, when the Japanese get their pictures taken, they always make the peace sign:

Another thing about Okinawa is that there are vending machines everywhere. I told K1 to pose and K2 jumped in.

If they let me take pictures when he is swearing in tomorrow, I will post those as well.

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