Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Vegetable Market

Today we hit another vegetable market. We were on the hunt for jalapeno's, but, we were out of luck. There were none to be found. We also went to the commissary and today must have been the day to search for jalapeno's. There was another lady in there who commented on this getting ridiculous and she ought to just start growing her own.


100 Yen is approximately $1.00 ( it's actually 90 Yen to the $1.00 today, but it's easier just to estimate 1 for 1).

This is bitter melon. We have had it tempura style before and it is bitter. It tastes a lot like the rind of a cucumber.

I'm not sure what these greens are on the left. It was the first time we had seen something with flowers.

The item on the left is another unknown thing to us. The picture on the right is of rice bins. You can have them bag "fresh" rice here, or you can purchase already bagged.

The left is dried daikon. I'm not a daikon fan, but it is everywhere around here.

These are some sort of garlic shoots. I've bought them before and they were just "alright", nothing that I've ever picked up again.

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