Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sonora Chicken Pasta

I dug out an old cookbook I bought when we lived in Germany. It is Todd Wilbur's "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes."

I made the Ruby Tuesday Sonora Chicken Pasta. If you search on Amazon for the book, you can read inside and see the recipe on page 255. I did make substitutions. First was the vinegar. I used white wine vinegar instead of plain old vinegar (we are still on operation clean out cabinets here). I also did not have any red chili peppers on hand, so just used all green. There was no taste difference.

First up, a picture of Buddy; he's making sure he is in prime position in case anything falls on the floor.

One other substitution I made was just using already cooked chicken you can find in the deli section. Chicken here is very expensive (and always frozen) and because I can get the ready made stuff for around a $1.50 a container, I usually always have some on hand.

One bad thing about the recipe is that it dirties lots of pots and pans.

We really like this recipe. We have had it at a "real" Ruby Tuesday's in New Jersey (after moving back from Germany) and we found that we liked the homemade version much better.

We got another letter from K1 the other day. He was much better and sounded very upbeat. He still talked about people not smelling all that great, but I'm sure he smells just like them. Still no word on whether the "big news" will come to fruition, but I hope to hear something by the middle of the week. I'll keep you posted.

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