Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back in Okinawa

We arrived back in Okinawa last night after our trip to South Carolina to see K1 graduate from basic training. He also called last night and said he made it to Ft. Eustis. None of his battle buddies from basic training are sharing a room with him. These are all new guys. They are six to a room. K1 said there were 6 people on the bus and it was about a six hour drive. Here are a few pictures, but the rest are either in photobucket or on facebook (that way he can see them as well).

We had a small layover in Tokyo, and J picked up a green tea kit kat, more for the novelty because it didn't taste very good.

Right now, we are empty nesters as K2 left for 2 weeks to visit a friend in Seattle Washington today, well, Buddy is still here and he qualifies as a toddler.

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