Friday, April 9, 2010

I got in trouble.....

Today, J and I went out to pick up some last minute things for our trip to South Carolina. We had to pick up some ribbons for his uniform so that I can take pictures of him and K1 together. K1 also asked us to pick him up some Japanese chips, so I figured I would take some pictures of our jaunt to the Jusco. Japanese stores are funny. The majority of them have what I guess are security personnel in them making sure you are behaving properly. Well, I guess you aren't supposed to take pictures in their grocery stores. The security guy came up to me, wagged his
finger and said "no pictures".

These are some of the pictures I took before being shut down:

Mr. Donut is their version of Dunkin' Donuts.

They have aisles full of ramen here; and ready made curry is also a big thing.

We came for the chips; K1 wanted the ones that come in a green bag. Hopefully, we picked up the right ones. The other is a view from the front of the store.

This was a random display in one of the aisles; and I guess they must be having a sale on bikes. I don't see a lot of Okinawan's riding them though.

Just some miscellaneous items.
A Pocky display; and ready made taco rice topping. Taco rice is a big thing here; basically it's rice topped with taco toppings.

I had ordered some shirts for us to wear to K1's Family Day, but of course they didn't arrive in time. With my luck, they will get here tomorrow. Our plane leaves at about 11 am.

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