Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meeting Tyler.....

Today I left work early, at 3 o'clock so we could go and meet Tyler Florence at 4. J asked me what I told my boss was reason was for leaving. I told him I was honest, meeting Tyler was a higher priority than being in the office. Actually, my boss told me his wife was planning to go too.

I didn't bring my books figuring AAFES was going to be picky and force you to buy one there. They didn't so I could have brought my own. I ended up buying 2. The line was not too long and we were through it in about 30 minutes. He was only going to be there for an hour. Once he arrived, he walked around to where we were and said something (we were to far back to hear) and waved.

Here are a few pictures of him:

These are the two books I bought:
While waiting in line, they handed out post it notes for us to write down what we wanted Tyler to inscribe our books with. I just wrote out names, but J wanted something else. He didn't write it down, but when we got up there to get our pictures taken, he told me to tell Tyler what to write. I did and Tyler thought it funny and laughed. J missed taking a picture of it. But I'll let you guess what it was when you look at what he wrote below.

J took pictures of me with Tyler, but there's no way I'm posting them. The only cute thing about them is Tyler.

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