Monday, May 17, 2010

Fish and Chicken

Because we still have tons of fish to use from this baby that J caught on one of his deep sea fishing jaunts, I went with the Ginger-Lime Swordfish in the All-New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook

These are the ingredients you will need:
And the finished product. The picture came out a little dark. I don't eat fish so have no idea if this was good or not, but I did taste the sauce before coating the fish and it tasted good. It could probably be used on chicken as well. J has an exercise this week so he won't be home until late, but I think it's something he will like.
For K2 and I, I tried another recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook. It was the Chicken Spaghetti. The ingredients are below:
I'm not doing to well with the Pioneer Woman's recipes. I did substitute whole wheat fettuccine for the spaghetti, but I don't think that altered the taste that much. This was just not something I would make again. It doesn't even look appetizing in the picture.

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