Friday, May 21, 2010


So, I've already accepted the SAF/FM job in LA. A few days ago, I received an interview request for the HAF (Headquarters Air Force) at the Pentagon. I had the interview tonight, and it didn't include the typical interview questions, like what can you bring to the table, what is your weakness, etc. I was prepared for the weakness question and was going to talk about my "lack" of interview skills and public speaking trouble. They did not ask me any of those types of things. It's probably a good thing because this position will sometimes represent the section in meetings with OMB (Office of Management & Budget), where public speaking skills would be key. Let's just say after this interview, I have the feeling that I'm still on my way to LA. They said they would make the decision in 2 weeks. I don't hold out much hope.

Oh, and who answers a question in an interview with "ummm", not only one time, but for each of the 4 questions that they asked. And who says, "you know, and stuff like that?" Obviously someone who isn't moving to D.C, that's who.

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