Saturday, May 1, 2010

J Cooks

Yesterday, I dug out Fuchsia Dunlop's "Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook" and made the "Numbing - and - Hot Chicken"

This recipe didn't really work out very well for us. It lacked heat and the bell pepper's were quite overpowering. I did however, use green peppers instead of the red that the recipe called for, but I don't think that contributed to our disappointment. I found this to be very greasy (the recipe calls for cooking the chicken in oil twice). It also made quite a mess, so it's not likely to be repeated.

It looked nice though, and does resembles the picture in the book.

Today, J was going to a get together at the house of one of the guys in his office. I do not attend these things as all of his co-workers have Japanese wives and they will only speak Japanese. I find it quite rude. I think J used to think I was crazy, but at one of them that I did go to, there happened to be a wife that I occasionally talked to. She told these wives, in English, and in front of me, that they were rude to converse the way they were. She has since moved away and these wives are all now back to their original ways.
At any rate, J had to take a dish. He took a "Pepper Bean Salad" and the recipe can be found here:
We still cannot find any jalapeno peppers on this island. I anticipate not having this problem when we move to New Mexico.

Yes, J does have a slap-chop (and no, I don't use it; it's all his)

Dumping the dressing on:

The final dish:

J also uses pineapple vinegar in place of the red wine vinegar the recipe calls for. He's down to his last bottle, so next weekend our travels will take us to Nago to the Pineapple factory to stock up on the stuff.
I heard from k1 again. He seems to be under the impression that he will be stationed at Fort Hood. I figured it was pretty close to where we'll be because we'll be about an hour and a half away from El Paso, but it turns out it's closer to 10 hours away. We'll see; this is the military we're dealing with and things change with them on a daily basis.

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