Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pineapple Factory Take 2

This weekend is the last weekend we have to do any last minute shopping as the movers come on Tuesday and Wednesday. As I've been cleaning out drawers and cupboards and things, I have found tons of Yen "change" that we need to spend. They do not do paper money for anything less than a $10 bill equivalent. Everywhere we went today, I pulled out my small plastic containers and counted out change.

Our first stop was the Pineapple Factory to pick up J's "crack" i.e. Pineapple Vinegar. He bought 12 bottles. Hopefully that lasts him a while. Here are some pictures of the factory (I brought both a camera and card today :) We still have not figured out how to get into the store part without having to take the tour and ride the carts. It doesn't matter now though, because this was our last trip.

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