Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Aliens

The weekend before last, we went to Roswell, NM to see the Aliens. We went to the Museum, which gave us a military discount of $2 per person of off, which was pretty good, but overall the museum was pretty disappointing. It consisted mainly of reprints of newspaper articles of the alien landing. I did take this picture because I guess it must be a reproduction of the landing area.

Then we went into a store and they had an area where you could go in and take pictures of yourself with the aliens. K2 and her friend (the kid that lived next door to us in Okinawa has moved to NM as well) went in and took the next few pictures.

I actually did cook today. At the one grocery store in town, they are roasting Hatch chili's. We ended up buying a small container. With no clue what to do with them, I just made some taco filling and stuffed them with that and some queso fresco cheese.

The final product looked quite unappealing but it was pretty tasty. The chili's were not spicy and K2 even commented about that. They sell the chili's with different degrees of heat (these were medium) so maybe next time, I will get the hot.

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