Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's been going on

When J was here (along with K1 and his friend) I did cook, but didn't take a whole lot of pictures.

I did another batch of chili. This time it was a Turkey Chili recipe was from the Clinton St. Baking Cookbook. I was able to find the recipe online using google, but didn't want to link to any of the sites I found it at. I have found that I am too lazy to type the recipes out to put them with the post, but anyhow.....

I still love my Rachael Ray pan:

I put some snowflake-shaped white cheddar on the top of mine (it was in the bargain bin at the commissary. I guess there wasn't a big demand for it at Christmas time).

Then J had bought a duck during one of his jaunts here. I made duck a la orange out of the "Good Meat" cookbook. You can find the recipe here.

I'm not a fan of duck and this recipe didn't make me change my mind. J did eat it though, but I ended up freezing the other half for him to have the next time he comes here.

It was interesting getting J home this last time. He had return tickets to New Mexico for Feb 1, but with the weather in Dallas, his plane was cancelled. The airline called his phone at 2 in the morning to tell him no flights were moving. When we got up in the morning, they rescheduled him for the 3rd, but again, they cancelled the flight that had to go through Dallas. At this point, he asked for either a Saturday or Sunday flight and the new date was the 5 Feb. There were no delays and he made it home okay.
I went to Ohio for a conference last week and it was freezing. I forgot how cold, cold really is. I was glad to be back in LA where the temperature is in the lower 60's.
Next week, I'm headed to New Mexico for the long weekend. I leave Wednesday night and get home to LA on Monday. I have to take dressy clothes because I guess we will be going to a graduation of some sort.
After I get back from NM, I will again be on the road. This time it will be to Mississippi for a month long class. I wasn't thrilled with this prospect at first, but now, anything that gets me out of the office (and get paid while doing it) works for me.

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