Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Buddy Obsessed

I gave Buddy a "baby" last night and as he does, he took it outside to tear it up. However, after about 5 minutes, he usually wants back in the house, but when I looked outside, this is what I saw --an obsessed dog. Obsessed with what? That's in the last 2 pictures.

Trying to get closer:

Can you see his obsession in the upper left corner?

And here it is; a bird that has built a nest on top of the column. I'm going to assume there must be eggs in there, because even with Buddy barking at him(her) it wouldn't leave.

And in other news, K1 is supposed to be back from his "vacation" Thursday night and he said he would be coming to LA to visit. He's bringing one of his friends along for the ride. I asked J if he wanted to come for the weekend as well, and he said that was fine, so he's coming in on Saturday. He and K1 are both going to be here until Tuesday. So I will have a noisy house this weekend, but Buddy will be in his glory.

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