Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yesterday, I headed to New Orleans with a lady from my class. It's Mardi Gras time so the crowds were abundant and once again, my camera did a poor job. I figure, I should have plenty of time to research cameras to find one that takes night pictures and has some sort of motion detector so that if the subject in the photo is moving, the picture won't be blurry. These are the best ones that I got during the three parades we watched:

I'm not sure what I was thinking taking a picture of a street vendor, but it was one of the better photos (but even this one is fuzzy):

Next up, are the pictures I took while walking around the French Quarter before the parades began (the people are looking up at the people on the balconies waiting for beads to be thrown):

Bourbon Street street sign (just to prove I was there):

I thought this group of men were preaching in the wrong place and time (obviously nobody in NOLA during Mardi Gras really wants to hear their message):

We also went into an old Catholic Church and these next few are pictures of the inside and outside of the church area:

More of the French Quarter:

And for dinner, we stopped at K-Paul's Louisiana Cafe, where I had the red beans and rice, with a smoked fried chicken breast (it's apparent I'm not a red beans and rice fan, the chicken was just okay, but the onion rings were the best):

And for your non-Louisiana people, NOLA is New Orleans, Louisiana

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