Saturday, June 25, 2011

One family moves out, another moves in....

The babies finally grew up into this:

This is two of them; the mother would have them walk from one side of the patio overhang to the other.

A couple on the ledge, going from one side to the other:

The plan was always to get rid of the nest when these birds flew away, but I happened to be in Minneapolis when that happened and when I got home, "she" had moved in:

J happened to be around that week and we argued about the fact that there were eggs in that nest (he thought there wasn't, and I thought there was). He got the ladder out and stuck the camera up to where he could get a picture of the nest. This is what was in it:

I can see they must have hatched now because the parents appear to be feeding the babies and I can hear faint chirping sounds. This time I should be home when they leave so the nest can come down.

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