Sunday, May 15, 2011

Babies and Beignets

Remember this? Well, now we have 5 babies. They're loud and the parents get really close to us when flying away (I guess they think we are too close to their kids). Last night, K2 looked out the back door and there was an orange and white cat on the back porch right under the nest. After chasing that one away, a grey and white cat showed up about 10 minutes later. I guess they are hoping that one will fall out of the nest. I'm just hoping they fly away soon because the parents are making a big mess on my back porch.

When K2 went to NOLA, she brought back a beignet mix. So I made a batch the other morning. After she brought it home, we see the mix everywhere around here now. (They tasted pretty much like the "fresh" ones from NOLA).

I dropped J off at the airport this morning; it appears his trip was pushed back until June/July sometime, so I may be able to go to NM for a visit before he leaves. I'm thinking the 4th of July, but we'll see.

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