Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Choices

J sent me some pictures of the things that he can purchase at his vacation location to bring home (except for the Oriental rugs-they were "very busy" and as such, not my style).  We've had some missteps with souvenirs from his travels over the years so now if he has the opportunity, he sends me pictures first.  I should backtrack.  Because we've been on the move all over the world since 1996, this is the first time we have had all of our belongings in our house with nothing sitting in a storage facility.  In some instances, this worked well,  but now that we have everything, some of the items picked up along the way that were in storage now had to find a home.   If something ended up in the office, it more than likely wasn't my taste, but I can't rid of the things.  Hence the reason for asking if I like it before buying it.

I had to veto the stuff in the first picture.  He brought me a tea set from Kyrgyzstan when he was there, so I don't have a need for cups.  Not too mention these cups are pieced together and because I don't know what type of glue they use, I would never use it.  I am now picky and only want things that will be useful, I have too many things that just sit on shelves these days.

I guess this box is about the size of a hope chest, so I'm not sure how he would even get it back, but if they sell them, then I'm sure there is a way.  While I do like it, it's just too big for the amount of space I have.  Not too mention, I have 2 smaller ones from another trip he did over there.

This is the same; I think the box is too big for the amount of room I have.

I told him the boxes in the next picture were good.  While everything in my house tends to be in the brown family, I told him I actually prefer the colorful box.  It looks more representative of the area he is currently at.

More boxes.

These plates and cups were okay, because the handle is the only piece glued on.  The goblets would be a no. 

The same with these bowls, one piece, so it would be a yes.

These bowls were approved as well.

So, I'm not sure which things he will end up bringing back, but he knows which things have the thumbs up.

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