Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here are some pictures of the trip I just took to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

These are of the antelope on F.E. Warren AFB.  They are everywhere and have the right of way.  They have no fear of cars and just cross right in front of them on the road.

This is what some of the housing looks like:

A diner that we had breakfast at.  The table across from us was filled with Cowboys, but I couldn't take a picture of them covertly or I would have:

On the way back to Denver to catch our flight home, we stopped at the Terry Bison Ranch:

We took their tour; this was the tour driver.  He stopped in the middle of the field, blew the horn and the bison came running.  Some would eat right out of your hands:

I was able to get a picture of this cowboy:

Next week I'm off to Denver, and I'll have a rental car, but I don't know how much venturing out I will do. I guess we'll see......

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