Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Garage Sale Shopping

We're back from garage sale shopping and K2 spent about $33 today.  She got some "Melissa & Doug" puzzles for a $1 each; a baby wipe warmer for $2 (probably not something you would pay full price for, but $2 was a good deal).  A shopping cart cover for $1.  An umbrella stroller for $5 (and it was clean, which used to be my criteria, but now K2 doesn't even want to look at places where the stuff is filthy.  I told her she was getting picky now).  The books were fifty cents a piece and the baby Einstein dvd's were $2 each.   The best deals were in a subdivision wide garage sale, but each house that had baby stuff only had girl items.   

As for my Denver trip last week, I would recommend that if anyone needs to rent a car there, do not use "Payless".  The first car they gave me started making a beeping noise about ten minutes after I left the parking lot, but since it was a little later and I didn't know where I was going, I went ahead and kept going to the hotel.  As I was pulling in the hotel, a yellow light with an exclamation point (in the dash) lit up.  I figured I would go to my meeting the next morning and then take the car back.  Of course, when I got up to leave in the morning, the driver's side front tire was flat.  Luckily the hotel had a shuttle bus and they were able to take me to my meeting.  There was a lady there staying at the same hotel so she gave me a ride back at the end of the day.  I had called "Payless" in the afternoon telling them the issues and they were going to bring me a new car at 4:30 that night.  They did, but the next day, the same yellow exclamation point light came on, but my tires weren't flat, so I decided just to drive it that way.  When I dropped the car off on Friday morning, I unloaded my bags, and went inside, but they told me I needed to go back outside for someone to check me out.  They watched me pull up, they were just standing around when I went in and could have come out when I pulled in their driveway.  I told the guy checking me out about the light and he said I could talk to them inside if I wanted.  I declined and just made a comment about them checking it and that's it probably not a good thing to allow customers to drive cars like that.  But the best part was when I took the shuttle bus to the car rental place when I got to Denver.  The driver actually held his had out looking for a tip when he took my bag off the bus.  I will not use them again.

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