Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bargains are Dwindling

We headed out bright and early this morning.  There was another sale in my neighborhood so we were hoping they would have the same type of bargains as the last sale did.  No such luck.  We didn't buy anything so headed out.  We didn't plot any sales on a map today, we decided to just wing it.  Craigslist had a ton of advertisements so we figured we would just follow the signs that we saw while driving.

K2 bought bought both of these items for a total of $.75.

She paid $3 for these.  When we pulled up to this house, we were both on pink overload.  I should have taken a picture of the tables with the huge piles of pink baby clothes.  This sale had a ton of other baby items as well, but they hadn't yet reached the mentality that garage sales are to get rid of things and if you want them gone, price them accordingly.  Some of the prices were close to what it would cost to buy things brand new. 

To add to K2's card stash, $1.50 for both.

We found these items at an estate sale that had obviously been picked over.  $2.00 for the lot.

$2.00 for the Winnie the Pooh diaper bag.

$.50 for the postcards and book.

And finally $1.00 for these books.

Maybe next weekend will be better.  Today we hit another new to us area, and one we can cross off from future shopping trips.  I think the plan is to shop the Shreveport sales next weekend.  We'll see.

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