Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garage Sale Bargains

Well, it appears blogger has done some updates.  I'm not so sure I like this new look (where you type in your posts), but I guess I'll know for sure when I see how the post looks.

Anyhow, K2 and I went garage sale shopping this morning.  When we hit the last one, it was the latest it had ever been.  We got home at 10:45 am which is pretty late.  These are the bargains she found.

The first sale we hit was in the subdivision I live in.  It was one where nothing was marked.  There was one table with mostly new items, so I asked the lady how much and she said everything that was new was $2.  There were garbage bags full of clothes, so I asked how much those were and she said everything was a quarter.  The clothes K2 bought were brand new with tags.  She got a 5 piece Carter's layette, a Children's Place outfit and a new sleepsack.  In the end the total was $12 for everything. 

The next sale was little bit of a drive, but she got a Boppy for $3 and it included a cover.  Boppys new are $30 and covers are $15, so another bargain.  She got several blankets and another new with tag outfit.  Total cost for everything in the picture: $5.  This house was out in the country and they had a yapper dog.  This stupid dog started chasing the car as we were driving away.  I figured if I sped up, he would stop, no, he started running faster.  Then the dumb thing looked like he was going to run right in front of my car, so I slammed on my brakes.  (I didn't hit him).  He moved to the passenger's side and finally gave up.  That was our excitement for the day. 

We went to another sale and she got these items for $15. The mobile brand new is $45. K2 already has a mobile that matches the crib bedding, but this looked new (and was clean) so again another bargain.

We also went to another estate sale.  One of the bedrooms was filled with nothing but Christmas items and the other bedroom was filled with nothing but kid stuff.  K2 bought this garbage bag for $5.  The tag said it was filled with boys clothing size 18 months - 2T.  Not so much.   I think there was one pair of 2T pants and the rest are size 6 and up.  I think she will probably end up donating most of the items in this bag.

What it was filled with:

She also bought a box for $5 that was filled with baby boy clothes (since the box was open, we could see that it was baby clothes):

What was in the box:

And then she bought a few miscellaneous items:

The time out item is a time out chair with the timer.  So when this kid acts up, she can tell him to go sit in his chair. 

And finally, my first ever garage sale purchase, a Vera Bradley purse for $5:

No shopping for us next week.  I'll be on the plane flying home from my week in Denver.

And for the record, after typing this post and adding the pictures, I am not fond of this new blogger updated template.

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