Saturday, March 23, 2013

This weekend's shopping

Last night we went to an auction in Waskom, Texas. It was an experience and I was able to take some covert pictures with my cell phone, but I'm having some issues downloading them onto the laptop so I'll have to put those in a separate post.

This morning, there were 8 estate sales in the Shreveport area.  I did find some things.  I spent less than $30 for everything in the next few pictures:

I know I picked up a stainless steel/crystal cake plate a few weeks ago, but this was looked like it had never been used, so I couldn't pass it up.  However, I decided I probably have enough of them now, so will pass on anymore I find, unless it's a square Fostoria glass one.  One of the auctions we went to a few weeks ago had one and it went for $75, so if I can find one for around $25, it will come home with me. 

The crystal plate:

Two of these Corningware dishes came from last nights auction and since I didn't use the phone for these pictures, they downloaded fine.
J and I actually went back to a sale this afternoon when everything was marked down to 50%.  There were some antique dressers and a sideboard that we thought would be worth the markdown price, but when we started really looking at the pieces, there were a lot of chips and scratches and decided against buying them.  I have no need for furniture anyhow, and space is at a premium, but if I could find something worthwhile, I could make things work.

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