Sunday, March 24, 2013

Friday's Auction

Friday night, J got home from work around 5 pm and we decide to go to Texas for an auction.  The action was advertised as starting at 7, so after he changed his clothes, we headed out and made it to the sale by 6.  The auction house is about 30 minutes from our house. 

There was a bunch of things (junk) outside that looked as if they had been picked up on the side of the road, so we headed in to look at what was going to be sold.  We needed to decide if it was worth staying.  We walked around and figured we would stay and see how the flow of the sale went to decide if we ever wanted to come back.

J and I must have looked out of place because we had all of our teeth.  I guess teeth are optional in Texas.  Once again, we were the youngest ones in the crowd.  A lady walked up to us and asked if it was our first time there.  After telling her yes, she asked us our names, we told her and then she said "J and Tina, it's nice to meet you".  So, being the mature person he is, J's been calling me Tina all weekend long.  The lady then had the owner of the auction house come over and he asked us how we had heard about the sale (the Internet). 

He told us the stuff outside would be sold at 6:30 and the inside portion would start at 7.  We went outside and stood in the back and an older lady came and stood next to us.  About 5 minutes later, a guy walked up and stood right in front of her.  She made the comment to us "he ain't had no learnin'".

After heading back inside, we took our seats.  There was really only one thing I was interested in, the Corningware from yesterday's post.  So we sat and waited.  It became an interesting auction because if the auctioneer started with a dollar amount and nobody bid, he would ask the owner of the items what the lowest they could take for it was.  It's the first time we had been to an auction like this.  As things moved on and it got later, people would get up and start rolling a table to the front of the crowd.  They were the owners of the items and I guess it was getting late for them, so they needed to sell their things now.  It was interesting to say the least. 

While sitting in the crowd, a lady sitting across from J hit a pop ca sitting on the floor spilling it everywhere.  She just looked at it.  I told J "she ain't had no learinin'". 

I was able to get a covert pictures of the place:

And finally, it seems auctions around here sell food and drink.  J has not been brave enough to try anything (the auction facilities are not the cleanest), but he was hungry and bought a pulled pork sandwich.  It was not bad.   It had to have been cooked elsewhere:
I paid $5 for the Corningware and it ended up being the last table that was auctioned (due to the number of people that got tired of waiting for their things to be sold and moving their things to the front).  While this auction was definitely entertaining in a people watching way, I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon.

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