Saturday, February 8, 2014

A new post

Finally, a new post.  We have been going to estate sales since my last post in November, but they were few and far between from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  However, I did manage to pick up a few things here and there.
First up is a vintage Chip and Dip set.  The salsa was homemade using The Pioneer Woman's recipe.  It was good and something I would make again.
I paid next to nothing for the bowls in the next picture, but they aren't Pyrex, but I really liked the pattern on the bowl on the right.

I got the next few things at a sale K2 and I went to.  The books and records are for Baby A.

Another recent acquisition (for $5) is this Pyrex baker.

 This has been my best buy in the past few months.  It was originally $58 for the 5 pieces, but everything was marked down 25% so I ended up paying $43.5; I already had the yellow and green bowls, the finding the red and blue ones in good condition is tough.  I gave K2 my extra yellow and green and the extra red shown below (on the right--it looks orange in the picture, but is red).  So she just needs the blue to complete the set.

And finally, these were today's deals.  I paid about $15 for everything.  The glass casserole dish does not list the maker, but I did find it on ebay and they want $35 for the dish, not including shipping.  So I think I did well.

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