Sunday, November 3, 2013

Over my limit

I was flying solo this Saturday since J had to work, which was stupid, but I managed to make it to 4 sales.  There was actually 5 going on, but when I pulled up to one, it was not in an area that I looked all that safe, so I just drove on to the next one.
I did spend more than my $20 limit by $7.50, but since I have been under the past few weeks, it was fine.
I paid &7.50 for the three Pyrex bowls in the next picture.  They were filthy, but after scrubbing them, they now look new.

I bought this piece because it has the original lid; they work well storing left-overs.  I almost to go to this one; it had been advertised as an Estate Sale, but when I arrived, the sign said Garage Sale on the back patio (more false advertising), but there was another person walking to the sale so I just followed.

These came from a hoarder's house.  The carpeting had been removed and what was left probably could have been taken to the dump, but I did manage to find these things.

At the last sale, everything was marked 50% off so I got the vintage chip and dip set for $5.00, now I just need to find a bracket, which will probably end up costing more than the glass.  The lady had a room dedicated to dolls, children's toys and baby girl clothes.  I got the clothes for $1.00 a piece; I'll put them up for K2's daughter new baby.  If she has a boy, I'll just donate to Goodwill since baby H will be to big to wear them. 

Our big project for the weekend was installing shelving units in the guest bedroom closet and moving all the cookbooks into it.  After getting that done, J told me I needed to downsize.  So the new plan is to pull a book out each Friday night to make my grocery list for the next weekend.  If a book has nothing interesting, it goes straight to the donate box. 

This weeks book is one I got when we went to Hawaii.  It's called "50th Anniversary, Best of our Favorite Recipes 1946-1996"

First up was the "Onion Pie"

Ready for the oven:

Finished dish (the only change I made to the recipe was to add Parmesan cheese to the top--it was good, but needed a little spice, which I will remember to add next time):

Tomorrow we are trying the paprika potatoes.  Maybe this new challenge will have me blogging more often.....

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