Saturday, July 12, 2014


We planted a small garden again this year, hoping we would have better luck this time.  The cucumbers took off, so we decided to make pickles (dill in this case). 

We ended up with 11 quarts (the sliced ones I had peeled before we decided to can, but figured we'd give them a try anyhow).  We also had some small tomatoes and jalapenos that were ripe so we decided to try making some salsa and ended up with 2 pints.  We haven't tried anything yet, but I'm sure we will this week.  J said by next weekend we'll have another bunch so we're going to try a few sweet pickles and some dill stackers.  By the time we're finished, I probably won't even want to look at a cucumber.  For the spears, we used the premixed Ball spice packet and for the slices, we used a recipe out of the Ball Book of Preserving.  Once we open a jar and taste them, we'll be able to see if going all homemade is worth it.

This week there were 7 sales going on; I'm sure to make up for the lack of them last weekend.  I got to my first sale 5 minutes after it had opened and some lady was walking around with my bowls (3).  I could see they were all priced for $3 a piece, so she got a good deal.  5 were duds and 1 yielded my haul below.  I spent a little over my $20 limit, but I ended up with my first 9x13 Pyrex, so I was happy with it.

I used the new pan to make stuffed jalapenos.  I used 1/3 less fat cream cheese and there was no taste difference.  We'll make these again since they are so simple (and the jalapenos have started coming in so we'll need something to use them up---no canning jalapeno slices here, since we still have a bunch from when we canned them before).

We also went to the Farmer's Market this morning while we were out.  We picked up some lemon cucumbers.  We've never had or seen them before.  I thought they might have some hint of lemon, but no, they just look like lemons.  They taste just like regular cucumbers.  (And boy did I just notice my stove needs to be cleaned).

You can't see them, but I used them in a strawberry salad, it has strawberries, pecans and dried cherries with a raspberry vinaigrette--my new favorite salad.

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