Sunday, July 13, 2014

Refrigerator Canning and Bread Baking

After picking a few more cucumbers, we decided to give refrigerator dill pickles a try.  I used the recipe found here, with only a few modifications (more dill and some alum).  We ended up with 3 more quarts.   We currently do not have any more cucumbers ready to be picked in the garden.

At the Farmer's Market yesterday, we got 2 larger zucchinis for a dollar a piece.
We made several loaves of bread.
From left to right (each type has 2 loaves):

We also ended up freezing about 4 cups for later (I ran out of flour and sugar).  It feels like Suzy Homemaker lives here, and also shows that I do use my estate sale Corningware finds (I won't be picking up anymore bread pans though, even if they are a $1.00).

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