Sunday, February 21, 2016


Well, since this is a cooking blog, I figured I should get back in the groove of posting about cooking things.

Yesterday we tried the reverse sear method that has been floating around the Internet lately on how to cook steak.  I based our trial on this recipe found here.

We went to Sam's for the steaks and found some thick ribeyes (which is not really my favorite cut, but they met the thickness requirement) :

Ready for the oven:

After cooking in the oven and resting for 15 minutes; getting ready for the sear:


Finished (the technique works great and we will do it again, but I'll try a different type of steak for me since ribeyes just aren't my favorite (J likes them though): 

Now that two of the grandkids come over every other Saturday, Buddy assumes his position at dinnertime.  This is what is called "covert begging".  

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