Thursday, March 24, 2016

Not a Keeper

I tried a new recipe today.  It was for a low-carb chicken fried steak dish.  It sounded really good, but the reality was disappointing.  This was something I found while searching the internet one night but since it was so bad, I won't post a link to the blog it is on.

It called for using pork rinds instead of the flour.  I like the idea of this:

The gravy was very thin, but it didn't use any type of thickening agent.  It also called for breakfast sausage and I used some of the homemade stuff we made a few weeks ago.

I'll put it this way; J will eat anything.  He always goes back for seconds.  Today he didn't.  When it was time to feed Buddy (who now eats special dog food because of his diabetes) J took one of the steaks and washed the breading off and mixed it with his food.  Based on that alone, we had a failure.

I took today and tomorrow off from work.  We spent the morning at the VA so he could have some medical tests done; tomorrow there are at least 5 estate sales, so I think we may hit them.  Hopefully I'll find something good.

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