Sunday, April 24, 2016

San Antonio Days 1 & 2

Day 1-Saturday

We are in San Antonio this week because I have a work conference to attend.  We decided to make a weekend of it because I've never been here and J was here 29 years ago when he attended Basic Training.

We arrived around 1 pm on Saturday and Buddy made himself right at home in the hotel:

Here is the view from our hotel:

We did a little exploring when we arrived and decided to have dinner at Mi Tierra which has over 3.5 stars on an app we use to determine if a restaurant is worth it.  We ordered an appetizer.  The flautas were really good, everything else was just okay.

J ordered the steak ranchero and I had beef enchiladas.  Well, neither of us finished our plates.  I'm not sure where the people are eating that rated this so high, but it is obviously not the same place we were at.  We had high hopes since it was packed and we waiting 45 minutes for a table.  Those hopes were dashed.  This is not a restaurant I would recommend at all (but the food does look good).

Day 2 - Sunday

We decided to get up this morning and head to the Riverwalk.  While there, we took the river tour:

After the boat ride, we headed for lunch at Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian Steakhouse:

The idea here is to turn over the red card when you want the waiters to bring you some meat.  They cook the meat on a spit and slice pieces off when they stop at your table.  I was not able to take any covert pictures of the waiters as they walk around.  They had chicken (we weren't able to try this), pork, beef and lamb (not our cup of tea)

We're not sure what these things were, but they had a sweet taste and the white stuff was parmesan cheese:

The plate on the left is bananas, and the right was mashed potatoes.  I'm not a banana fan and was not impressed with cooked bananas.  I didn't try the potatoes but J said they were kind of cold.  This was a good restaurant but very expensive.  We mainly went for the experience because we've seen Brazilian steakhouses shown on a food show. 

Our last stop for the day was the Alamo.  No pictures allowed inside, but it was free and couldn't come to San Antonio without visiting.  We're still deciding what we want to do tomorrow.  I think we'll probably go to the Air Force base so J can show me where he attended basic training.

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