Saturday, November 19, 2016

November 2016

Lately we've been giving the meal services another try.  If you'll recall, we've tried Plated and Hello Fresh in the past.  We liked both, but we stopped using them for a while.  There are several new services out there now and a lot of them give significant discounts when you try your first box.  So each week I have been ordering boxes for $20-$25; they include meals for 2 for 3 days.

The first company we tried was Home Chef.  This company had great customer service.  The first box had two meals with chicken and they forgot to include it.  So I emailed them and they credited my account for the total cost of that box; because of this, I ordered from them again the following week.  Unfortunately, the meals didn't appeal to our tastes, so we won't order from them again.  With the first box, I didn't take any pictures because J cooked them and had things ready when I got home from work.

I cooked the items in the second box because the grand kids were here (for about 5 days) so J was chauffeuring them back and forth to daycare, but no pictures of those meals either.

The next service we tried was Green Chef. As you can see, they looked good, but unfortunately, these did not appeal to our tastes, so we won't order from them again either.  

I took Friday off from work so we ventured out to some estate sales (4 in total).  Each of them had lines like this; there were about the same amount of people behind us.  The companies let everyone in line into the houses, so they were packed and you could barely move.  It didn't matter too much because these companies seem to have doubled the prices and we left each one empty handed. 

Saturday morning we headed to the Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days Flea Market in Arcadia, Louisiana.  It is about an hours drive from our house.  It opened at 8 am, and we got there around 8:30.  For the most part, we were the only people there.  Several of the vendors were just opening up their booths.  Lots of overpriced junk here as well and we found a whole lot of nothing.  But it was a nice clear day, even if it was in the 40's when we started out. 

Since we were in the area, we went to Gibsland, Louisiana next to see the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush museum.  There were signs prohibiting pictures inside, but if you google, you'll be able to see some.  This museum was reminiscent of the Alien museum we visited in Roswell, New Mexico.  A lot of pictures of newspaper clippings, but it was very small.  Luckily we were the only people there; it would have been very uncomfortable if it had been crowded.  We thought about going to see the Bonnie & Clyde death site, but when I looked it up online to get the address, it said it was permanently closed, so we passed.

This week we are trying meals from MarleySpoon.  Here's what the box looked like upon opening.  It's a little different than the typical boxes in that it has all the ingredients for one recipe in a brown paper bag. 

 Our first recipe was chipotle meatball tacos.  Our first impression is that this company doesn't appeal to our tastes either, but we have two other meals to try before making our final determination.

And that's what we've been doing around here.  I took the week off from work, but we don't have any big plans.  We'll see if that changes.

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