Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 Gardening

We've been trying to decide how to plant our garden this year.  The only thing we seem to have good luck with is peppers.  So of course we'll plant some of those.  We've had a hard time with tomatoes, both planting them in the ground and in containers.

After doing some research online, we're going to go with some home-made earth boxes.  I've ordered totes and an irrigation system online and J is going to build some stands to put them on.  He doesn't want to put the containers directly on the grass because it will kill it.  The stands will have legs so hopefully the grass will still survive.

We're also going to try seeds versus plants and see if we have better luck with those.  I ordered a bunch of things online, but they haven't arrived yet.

But we do have some hatch chili seeds so we're getting a head start with them.  We are using the Aerogarden to help them along. 

I used plastic spoons, toilet paper, seeds and a Ziploc bag to help the process. 

If all works as planned, we should have some sprouts in the next 5-7 days.  I'll then replant those into pots and put them in our indoor greenhouse (which hasn't been set up yet).

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