Friday, July 21, 2017

Back on the Road

We finally got the trailer back from the RV Store.  We dropped it off after our last trip so they could fix the fridge.   I decided to take the day off today so that we could take it out and make sure everything is working.  

We drove 3 hours south to the KOA in Scott, LA.   We got here early got the camper set up and then off we went.   Our first stop was Avery Island where they make Tobasco sauce.   

We also ate lunch at their restaurant.   We expected the food to be cooked with Tobasco but it wasn't but bottles were on the table.   We tried them all and I'm not much of a fan.  I think it's too vinegary.  But they did give us 12 mini bottles and 2 bottles of pickled beans with our admission price.   We took the tour but it's a self guided one.   It is very clean here and it's a nice little day trip.   

J had nachos

I had the chili Fritos.    

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