Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lafayette Day 2

We had no real plans for today so we decided to just roam the streets.   Our first stop was to a flea market.  We bought nothing. It was mostly junk.  We also got there right when they opened and a lot of sellers were just setting up.   

Next visitors center to pick up some brochures.   Then we stopped for breakfast.   

Beignet strips.  

I had sausage and gravy. It was fine.  I don't usually have good luck when ordering this.

J had an omelette with LA sausage.   

Our next stop was a little Farmer's Market.  We didn't buy anything but it was nice.   They had music.

Our next stop was an fruit/vegetable market but they also sold local jams/jellies/sauces and other similar things.   We did get some stuff here to use for Christmas presents.    

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