Saturday, May 22, 2010

Waffles Revisted

So now that we are less than two months out before moving (it will be less time before our household goods get packed), I've started looking for recipes to use up the last things we have on hand.

This morning for breakfast, I made Chocolate Waffles with Chocolate-Maple Sauce from the Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast.

This ended up using the last of the maple syrup and a block of chocolate that I must have bought somewhere along the line, but have no reason why.

I dragged out the old-time waffle maker again

It's still working just fine; the waffles pop right out

The recipe suggests using fresh fruit on the top, but I had some frozen blueberries that I used instead.

While J ate all of his waffle, I found them to be quite bitter. I prefer milk chocolate, but it ended up using only things on hand, so it worked. It's not really something I would ever seek to make out again though.

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