Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finished Moving

The movers got here at about 9 am on Saturday. They were done unloading and out of here by 3:30, which we thought was pretty good.

This is what the garage looked like after they were gone:

When they started putting things in the house, I had them only place boxes in the two spare bedrooms and the formal dining area. Each of the rooms looked like this when they were done.

Luckily, there was only some minor damage to bottoms of the shrank (pronounced shrunk -there should be an umlaut over the a). The clock was missing one of the gold links on the chains, which is of course where the weight is attached, but J went to Home Depot and found one similar.

This is the office. It is also where I put all of J's German beer steins, and any other type of knick-knacky thing he has.

The desk is on the other wall (it's a really bad picture). I would have put it on an angle, but J has an aversion to furniture placed like that and since he had it placed and together before I could say anything, I didn't have him move it. It's too heavy for K2 and I to move, or else that would have been the first thing to take care of after he flew home.

This is bedroom number 1, however, it's basically our storage room. The cabinet in front is where I have the Japanese pottery. The tea cart has no other home, so it's in here unless I decide to move it somewhere else. The boxes are things that J will need to take care of the next time he comes here.

This is the other side of the room. You can't really tell, but there are corner curio cabinets on either side of the unit that you see. In the corner is another Italian table that I have no where else to put.

The one wall you can't see has white cabinets all the way across. Those will probably make their way to the garage at some point, but right now, they hold vhs tapes and baskets from Poland.
Every time I went to Poland, I would buy a basket and use it to hold polish pottery pieces that were not boxed up.

This is what the garage looked like after J did some rearranging and purging. I just needed enough space to be able to park my car in it.
I would have liked to finish the hutch and put it in the house, but right now I just don't have the space. I think it will eventually end up in the storage room where it will replace the white cabinets. We found it "junking" when we lived in Germany.

This is the living room wall. This is where the Red Bird lives (on the shelves on the far left):

The kitchen (the pub table was supposed to be "simple assembly-something I thought I could do, but was very wrong. That was the first thing J did when he got here last Friday).

Another of the kitchen:

Here is clutter central in the formal dining room. It has all my china and crystal in it. Everything has a pink tone to it.

My lonely Italian wood table and mirror. It's missing it's partner the tea cart, but I just don't have enough room to put it there. I need to find a flower arrangement to put on the table. I should have take close up pictures so you can see the inlaid flowers on the wood (all of the Italian wood pieces have the same look).

Another of the formal dining room - with the too short curtains, and a small Italian table in the corner:

This is the first time since 1996 that we have had all of our stuff; when we went to Germany, we put stuff in storage. When we came back in 2003 to New Jersey, we got that stuff out, and then promptly put different stuff in storage, and when we went to Okinawa in 2006, the majority of our household goods went back into storage because we could only take 2000 lbs with us. So some of this stuff was sitting in a facility for 7 years. All in all, it made it through pretty well, except for the missing lawnmower, treadmill and vacuum cleaner. I'm glad the vacuum got lost somewhere there because I went out and bought a Dyson ball, and it is the best vacuum I have ever had. I works really well on these pain in the butt hardwood floors. The only thing left is for J to file a claim for the missing things. I have nothing left to unpack, so I'm pretty happy about that.

K2 was also missing a white trunk that she had post cards and things in, but because we have no idea which box it was in, we can't claim it. She was pretty happy that the washer and dryer made it though, no she doesn't have to go to the Laundromat.

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