Sunday, October 24, 2010


Tomorrow, K1 leaves for Texas. K2 will be taking him to the airport since his plane leaves at 6 in the morning. I won't have enough time to make it to work if I drop him off. She's not to thrilled that she will have to get up early, early in the morning.

Thursday, when I got home from work, there were 6 big QVC boxes stacked in the house beside the column.

This is the conversation that ensued when I walked in:

K1/2: what did you order from QVC?

Me: I didn't order anything

k1/2: obviously you did; look at all the boxes

At this point, I had gone to the kitchen to get a knife to start opening the boxes and noticed that they weren't for me; they belonged to the lady next store. So I told them to pick up two apiece and lets go take them to her.

After we walked back in the door, K2 then proceeded to tell K1 that even though they weren't mine, I was a hoarder; she asked if he had looked into the book closet. He just shook his head no, but this is what she was talking about:


So, yes, maybe I have a slight problem with buying books, but if you look in any other drawers or closets you will see a lot of empty spaces, and I am working on paring the books down (it's just taking a while). I don't have a problem getting rid of things, K2 on the other hand.... I won't even post a picture of her room because it's too embarrassing to show that a room like hers exists in this house.
We spent Saturday going through all of K1's things. There ended up being 4 bags to take to Goodwill and 1 bag of trash. He still has a few things to go through, but everything is now contained in 1 room (the storage room) instead of spread through the house.


  1. Buddy's mom..........tell K1 and K2 that cookbook collecting is a hobby not hoarding...LOL
    I have the same wonderful hobby...hugs, bunky

  2. Okay, well, obviously I don't know how to comment on Buddy's own blog :)

    K1/2 are only interested in things they like; I am planning to look into the computer program you told me about next weekend. I figure I probably have a few duplicate books in there, so that will help me pair down some more. More room, means more books:)


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