Saturday, October 9, 2010


J flew to Virginia on Tuesday to watch K1 graduate from AIT (Tech School in Air Force lingo). The next few pictures are of him getting his wings pinned on him. J did not pin them on. The pictures are not the best, they were taken with a phone.

Now both J and K1 are in LA. K1 will be here until the 25th and J goes back to NM on Monday. It's probably a good thing too, because every time he comes, it ends up costing me money. The new toy he bought this time was a fancy grill. I post pictures tomorrow of it; we did use it today. Our house has a gas hook-up on the back patio so we didn't need to get the propane tank. It is kind of nice.
K1 and K2 have been out roaming the streets of Shreveport. K1 wants to live in the mall and K2 isn't to thrilled with that idea. He follows her lead though as he can't drive and she has the car. They are supposed to go the DMV on Tuesday to see if he can get a permit.
Buddy is very happy to have all of his "people" back in one house.
In other news, I got my first water bill; it was for over $700 for the month. It said we used 88,900 gallons of water. Unfortunately, the difference between the prior months usage and current months usage was only 889 gallons, so yeah, I'll be calling the water company first thing Tuesday morning to get that fixed.

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