Thursday, December 9, 2010


It was 37 degrees here this morning, with frost all over the ground. Luckily, I park my car in the garage so no need for an ice scraper. If K2 woke up before noon, she would be out looking for one. Signing her up for school has been a fiasco, but hopefully it will be all taken care of tomorrow. J is set to come here on the 23rd. K1 bought himself a car so he said he is going to drive up here this weekend, we'll see. If not, he will be here on the 27th for a week.
On another note, my quest to find LA candy has been an epic failure. I will have to send something else for Christmas presents. I'm thinking See's candy would go over well and since I've never seen it in MI, it should be okay.
J and I will be going to the Independence Bowl on the 27th. It is GA Tech (I think) against Air Force, so you will have to watch for us on t.v.

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